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The gift of sight is something that many people don't fully appreciate until they're faced with the impacts of their own failing sight, or that of their loved ones. Fortunately, sightlessness due to cornea disease or dysfunction is something which can be repaired, and that's where Lions VisionGift comes in.

Through the generosity of brave donors and their families, our organization is able to provide safe and effective cornea grafts for sight restoring surgeries throughout the state and across the nation. Since our inception in 1975, more than 28,000 individuals have received sight-restoring transplants. We are also very proud of our tradition as innovators in our industry as well as our contributions to valuable global research initiatives.

News & Events.

First LVG prepared DMEK transplanted

Lions Vision Gift: Trailblazing the development of “halo”

When we think about organ donation, we often think about the heart, kidney or liver, but eye tissue from deceased organ donors also can be gifted to patients in need of sight-saving surgeries. Now surgeons at OHSU Casey Eye Institute are using a new technique called Halo graft, a patch made of donated corneal tissue, to perform tube shunt surgeries that prevent vision loss in glaucoma patients

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First LVG prepared DMEK transplanted

CEO of Lions VisionGift Announces Retirement Date

Barbara Crow, Chief Executive Officer of Lions VisionGift (LVG), has announced her retirement; her final day will be December 31, 2016.  Ms. Crow has served as Executive Director/CEO of LVG, formerly Lions Eye Bank of Oregon, since 1998. Read on to discover more about the transition.

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Dr. Miguel Rio Del Amo

First Lions VisionGift Prepared DMEK Transplanted in New York.

Lions VisionGift is really proud of the relationships we develop with talented surgeons from across the nation – and around the world – who have maintained their affinity for Lions VisionGift prepared tissue. This trend took another step forward when our newest Medical Director, Dr. Chris Sáles, performed two DMEK surgeries in early September 2016 utilizing Lions VisionGift prepared DMEK tissue.

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