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The gift of sight is something that many people don't fully appreciate until they're faced with the impacts of their own failing sight, or that of their loved ones. Fortunately, sightlessness due to cornea disease or dysfunction is something which can be repaired, and that's where Lions VisionGift comes in.

Through the generosity of brave donors and their families, our organization is able to provide safe and effective cornea grafts for sight restoring surgeries throughout the state and across the nation. Since our inception in 1975, more than 28,000 individuals have received sight-restoring transplants. We are also very proud of our tradition as innovators in our industry as well as our contributions to valuable global research initiatives.

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First LVG prepared DMEK transplanted

In Memoriam - Barbara Crow.

On November 7, 2017 the world lost a true pioneer in the world of eye banking. Barbara started her career at OHSU’s Casey Eye Institute where she ran the Oregon Eye Bank from 1987 to 1998 at which time she took over Lions Eye Bank of Oregon (now Lions VisionGift). She co-Directed the two organizations until merging the programs in 2000. That in and of itself would be accomplishment enough for most of us, but not for Barbara. Barbara spent the next 16 years leading the eye bank through a continuous growth trajectory that has allowed us to contribute to sight saving surgeries, research and education at a level unfathomable in 1998.

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First LVG prepared DMEK transplanted

LVG East processes first tissues.

It is with great pleasure that we announce our first tissues processed at Lions VisionGift East (Boston, MA). Allison Andersen prepped 2 DMEK tissues for surgery with Stephen Wehrer assisting. This is a significant accomplishment and reflects hours of hard work by both Stephen and Allison in getting to this point. This feat could also not have been possible without the many hours of work by our IT, RAD, and Distribution departments. Congratulations are due all around!

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