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Dr. Terry Receives 2016 Paton Award

Lions VisionGift is honored by our long association with our Medical Director, Dr. Mark Terry. His leadership and vision have helped shape the mission and sucesses of our organization for more than 30 years. Dr. Terry has helped train countless numbers of corneal surgeons in the past 35 years, only amplifying his impact; and has been a steadfast champion of research and therapy innovations for decades.

Here is how the EBAA describes their award:

"The R. Townley Paton Award is the Eye Bank Association of America’s highest honor for corneal physicians. This award is presented annually to an ophthalmologist in recognition of his/her outstanding contribution to eye banking and EBAA. Since 1982, esteemed corneal physicians who exemplify the precepts of R. Townley Paton, MD, the father of modern eye banking and the founder of the first eye bank established in the United States, have received this notable award."

Follow this link to learn more about the honor from the EBAA's website directly.


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