Board of Directors.

Each member of the Board of Directors is dedicated to fulfilling Lions VisionGift's mission of advancing the science of sight and honoring the gift of vision. Thanks to their leadership, we have been able to restore the sight to more than 28,000 people and make advancements in science that have impacted the world.


Several Lions VisionGift staff gather with the Board of Directors for National Blue & Green Day on April 21, 2017.

Lions VisionGift Board of Directors (2017-2018)

Bob Van Slyke Chairman
Gary Tate Vice Chairman
Dick Teutsch Treasurer
Chuck Blanchard Secretary
Chris Dorr Immediate Past Chairman
Will Clayton
Leslie Coefield
Matthew Fisher
Dave Fuller
Jeff Musgrove
Kevin Sittner
Susan Meikle Stoops
Emmanuel Tanne, M.D
Carol Tate
Linda Williams

Medical Director Positions

Medical Director Emeritus Emanuel Tanne, MD
Ex-Officio Member Mark Terry, MD
Ex-Officio Member Terry Burris, MD
Ex-Officio Member John Wilkins, MD
Ex-Officio Member Winston Chamberlain, MD, PhD