Remembrance of Loved Ones.

At Lions VisionGift, we strive to honor donors. We know the importance of remembering them and their generous gifts of sight. There are a number of ways that we do so.

Tree of Remembrance

One way we honor donors is by sending a leaf to donor families, which the families are encouraged to write something on. Some write a poem or meaningful quote. Some include a photo. Some simply write the name of their loved one. They are free to write whatever they wish. When we then receive the leaf, we then place it upon the Tree of Remembrance at the Lions VisionGift offices, which can be visited at any time by donor family members.

The Remembering Heart

When a loved one passed on and he or she is a donor, a Lions VisionGift technician will place a small ceramic heart around his or her wrist to indicate that this person has given a priceless, heartfelt gift. Within a day, a letter goes out to the next-of-kin with another ceramic heart. This heart is a little bigger than the other and once held within it the smaller heart that was placed on the donor's wrist at the time of the eye recovery.

Threads of Life Quilt

Another special way we honor loved ones is by creating Threads of Life quilts. Each donor family is encouraged to create a square in honor of their loved ones. These squares can be embroidered with the things the donors enjoyed doing, have small mementos attached, or even have pictures. The purpose is to honor the lives that each donor lived.

Contact Us.

For additional information about any of these ways of remembrance, please contact our Partner Relations Manager by calling (503) 808-7070 or (800) 843-7793.