Procurement, Training, and Advanced Research.

Lions VisionGift is both a procurement agency and research facility that provides tissue to surgeons and researchers in Oregon, southwest Washington and beyond. We have become a leader of corneal transplant safety and efficacy thanks to our world-renowned Vision Research Laboratory, a quality assurance lab established to improve the condition of donor tissues and safe tissue processing.

procurement, training and advanced research

Vision Research Laboratory

Since 1986, the Lions VisionGift Vision Research Laboratory has become a leader in corneal transplant research.

Under the leadership and tutelage of Medical Director Dr. Mark A. Terry, we perfected the endothelial keratoplasty procedure and performed the first deep lamellar endothelial keratoplasty in the US, the second in the world.

We also offer the world's largest patient database on endothelial keratoplasty, from which the lab has been able to publish numerous scientific papers, setting a high global standard for EK research and quality assurance.

In 2012, Lions Vision Gift added more than 300 square feet of ISO Certified Tissue Processing to our laboratory - including 2 isolated tissue processing rooms and 1 ISO Class 5 Clean Room. These facilities ensure we will be prepared for the next developments in ocular research and therapy.



Innovation for Safety and Efficacy

Our mission is to help advance the science of corneal transplant by developing and evaluating innovative techniques and procedures, while promoting safe eye banking practices through rigorous quality assurance research. We also devote our time to improving patient awareness and understanding, training physicians in our surgical techniques, and publishing our findings in top scientific journals.

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