State-of-the-Art Facilities for Advanced Capabilities.

Portland, OR

With more than 20,000 ft2 of laboratory and administration space, our Portland home is a state-of-the-art tissue processing and medical research facility located in the center of Portland’s most esteemed institutes of higher learning and healthcare ecosystem.

Lions VisionGift’s ‘Vision Research Laboratory’

With our dedicated laboratory space, LVG boasts contemporary clinical and engineering design features common to modern operating rooms. We have more than 330 square ft of ISO Certified processing rooms – an ISO Class 5 clean room is equipped with a dual view operating microscope and serves as our center for teaching our innovations in corneal therapies, and for surgeons to refine their techniques and explore new potential breakthroughs in patient care and outcomes. High definition video capture is used for both teaching and research. With state-of-the-art microscopic technology, and tried-and-true evaluation techniques, Lions VisionGift prides ourselves on the kind of evaluation consistency and tissue quality patients and surgeons require.

Konan Specular Microscopes Haag-Streit BX Slit Lamp
Optovue Fourier Domain OCT Zeiss Dissection Microscope
Inverted Fluorescent Light Microscope Microtome for Ultra-Thin Tissue Sectioning
Omni-Prep Multi Sample Homoginizer CO2 Incubator
Programmable Water Bath Refrigerated Centrifuge


Boston, MA

Located in the historic Tower Point Building in the beautiful and revitalized Seaport District.   This new development from Lions VisionGift is the outgrowth of important relationships with some of the most prominent corneal surgeons and vision researchers in the country.  The facility will focus on providing our world-renowned DSAEK and DMEK grafts to our surgeons on the East Coast, and as a hub for critical research initiatives with partners like Harvard/Mass Eye, Johns Hopkins, and other prominent East Coast institutions.

Equipped with the finest in diagnostic tools and microscopy, our Laboratory delivers the same level of customer care and tissue quality you’ve come to expect from the Lions VisionGift name.