Resources for Researchers.

Lions VisionGift facilitates the distribution of ocular tissue for research, medical education and surgical training. There is an immeasurable benefit to humanity when people give the gift of sight for research and education. Some of the major diseases that are being investigated are macular degeneration and glaucoma, two of the leading causes of blindness. Only through the generosity of eye donors can advances be made in fighting these devastating ocular disorders.

Lions VisionGift's policy is to utilize donations for transplantation first, whenever possible. There is no age limit to donation, although donors over the age of 75 are limited to research and medical education uses. As the cornea is usually the only portion of the eye able to be used for transplant, the remainder of the eye can then benefit research for problems that may affect the retina, lens, or other remaining structures of the eye.

To receive information about how to obtain donated eye tissue for research or training, contact our Research Distribution Department.

For information on Lions VisionGifts's Investigator-Concept Study Grant - Click Here for the RFP.

resources for researchers